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flag as inappropriate DirtyMelisa    Sept. 5, 2019
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Hi ! Looking for hook up with a stranger. Ready for any experiments. Write me here - www.sexplanet8.com

flag as inappropriate Sexxxy Hooker.    Oct. 1, 2016

Thank you very much for the recent licks, it lead us to your SEXXXY blog! Following you now! When you have time check out our blog and let us know what you think.

flag as inappropriate LuckyII    Aug. 5, 2016

You are one cute doll baby. It will be a pleasure to follow you and your perfect body. Love it.

flag as inappropriateMirella    July 22, 2016
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Thanks WALLABYJACK for your recent (licks) in my photo blog .... just wanted to let you know it hasn't gone unnoticed and gave me a chance to explore your sexy blog, real nice photo collection, Mirella xxx

 WallabyJack    Aug. 2, 2016
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Our pleasure, Mirella. Thanks for sharing your photos.

flag as inappropriateSuperYam    March 19, 2016
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Hey guys . Put some more photos on please

flag as inappropriate Ricroc & Roxy,    Jan. 14, 2016
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Hi baby! Thx for the licks. Hope u follow. We follow u now. Ooh baby, Roxy

flag as inappropriateMotorbiker    Aug. 9, 2015
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Nice blog. we like the Aussie guys on here. Shame about the cricket ha ha x

flag as inappropriate mickstick    Sept. 8, 2014VResident
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Great blog, one gorgeous sexy lady, you've just gained a new follower, thanks for sharing

flag as inappropriate Rod    June 17, 2014
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Following. Lesya is gorgeous!!! Love to see her incredible body and beautiful pussy. Put a couple of loads in her and then post, love to see a creampie pic of her.
check my blog, love for her to ride me

flag as inappropriate blurdragon51    June 3, 2014

Great subject and great pictures! Love that body art.

flag as inappropriate Lickit69    June 2, 2014

No problem
Just tell the sexy babe she can sure hand out hardons

 WallabyJack    June 2, 2014
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Perhaps you will join one day and you can leave comments for Lesya on her photos. She'd appreciate that. I'll let her know what you said.

I love showing off Lesya. She is the sexiest woman I've been with and a great person. She is my partner, so I have her proudly on my arm.

flag as inappropriate Lickit69    June 2, 2014

Dang it I can't view any of your pics
I'm still sure you have a trophy little hottie

 WallabyJack & Lesya    June 2, 2014
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Sorry mate, we have our pics set to financial members only so scrounger sites won't steal them. We don't want our photos out of control.

flag as inappropriate Lickit69    June 2, 2014

I'm looking for it
Very sexy hot babe

 WallabyJack & Lesya    June 2, 2014
VCity Userpic

It's in my blog.

flag as inappropriate Lickit69    June 2, 2014

I want to see this pierced pussy
Please pretty please post one so citizens can view picture

 WallabyJack & Lesya    June 2, 2014
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There's a photo up, Lickit69. More to come later.

flag as inappropriate aussieguy    May 7, 2014

Aussies ? No free post ?

 WallabyJack & Lesya    May 7, 2014
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What do you mean, Aussieguy?

flag as inappropriate aussieguy    May 9, 2014

Are you guys Aussies ? And we cant see your posts on the free side of this website .

 WallabyJack & Lesya    May 9, 2014
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Yes, Aussies. We've decided to keep our posts for paying members to reduce the possibility of thieves from other sites and others spreading our photos all over the place.

flag as inappropriate aussieguy    May 12, 2014

Bugger , that's a shame . Great to 'see' some Aussies on here though !


 WallabyJack & Lesya    May 12, 2014
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You're not a financial member, Aussieguy?

flag as inappropriate aussieguy    May 14, 2014

No :-(

 WallabyJack & Lesya    May 14, 2014
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That's a shame, mate.

flag as inappropriate SweetieLeta    May 7, 2014

I love your beach pics, we love sea and beach too!

 Lesya    May 7, 2014
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Thanks, SweetieLeta. Isn't it lovely to feel the freedom of being naked on the beach and the water on your skin?

flag as inappropriate SweetieLeta    May 7, 2014

I love it!

flag as inappropriateExela    Nov. 2, 2013
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I like your photos and now I'm your follower.
Good luck!

flag as inappropriateMirella    Oct. 12, 2013
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Hooray ! I'm the first one to write in your brand new guestbook. Thanks WallabyJack for visiting and liking my personal erotic art and provocative nude photoblog and Welcome to the New, the Erotic, the Exciting, the Fabulous, the Extraordinary and the Unique in it's kind VCity. From my personal home page you can hit the 'Follow' button if you wish, this way you will not miss any of my future photo posts and contributions. I've had a wonderful summer doing new spectacular, bold and out of the ordinary photo shoots ..... let me know if there is something in particular you like from my latest photos or contributions, Thanks, Love and Lust, Mirella xxx

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